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# 100

We deliver over 37% of
all B2C and B2B email

1.8 Billion

Over 1.8 billion unique devices engaged in the cloud

99.9 %

guaranteed by SLA


Boost Your Email Deliverability and Engagement

You’ve built your business on email and you know it’s the #1 channel for reaching your customers. SparkPost’s Predictive Email Intelligence can help you get the highest ROI, powered by data from our sending of over 37% of the world’s B2C and B2B email.

Our predictive analytics and secure delivery infrastructure ensure you can reach who you want, when you want, with powerful insights. As the #1 email and analytics platform, we have the experience and the technology to help you deliver greater value and opportunity to your customers at every turn.

SparkPost Signals

SparkPost Signals Delivers More Power in Real-Time

SparkPost Signals diagnoses and improves email performance issues before they can negatively impact your campaigns. Using predictive analytics and our expansive network, you’ll have a clear picture of your email health, engagement rates, and spam traps. Consider it everything you need to improve ROI, personalize, engage and extend relationships with your customers.

SparkPost Signals interface illustration
  • Drives Innovation
  • Sparks Business Growth
  • Maintains Stability

Driving Transformation

A Collaborative Partnership that Delivers

Boosting results is just the start. At SparkPost, we believe in creating relationships that look holistically at leveraging your data to create ever better communications. Whether it’s driving innovation, sparking business growth or maintaining stability, SparkPost ensures you can always do more with your business.

Case Studies

We Deliver New Expectations

Current industry benchmarks do the job, but why stop there? On average our customers experience open and click rates that are 4x above the status quo.

Zillow Logo

For Zillow, it’s about more than zip codes.

Zillow uses SparkPost to ensure homebuyers have reliable access to all the info they need to find their dream home.

Zip Recruiter Logo

Email makes ZipRecruiter the smartest way to get hired.

ZipRecruiter uses SparkPost to improve sending efficiency while enabling users to find their dream job.


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