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Why Email Makes ZipRecruiter the Smartest Way to Get Hired

Emails Sent Per Day


Email ROI

400 %

Monthly Job Seekers


Helping People Find Great Jobs and Employers Build Great Companies

ZipRecruiter started in 2010 as a tool to help small businesses distribute job postings affordably. Today, it’s a thriving marketplace where millions of people across the U.S. and U.K. find their dream job.

Since its founding, ZipRecruiter has enabled more than 1 million companies, including Ford, Verizon, Target, and many others, to quickly and easily post their open positions on more than 100+ leading job boards, while enabling job seekers to find meaningful employment.?All of that activity requires ZipRecruiter to send a lot of email.


Every Job Seeker Email Is Unique

As a result of ZipRecruiter’s need to serve job seekers, hiring companies, and sending partners, nearly?every job seeker receives a daily ZipRecruiter job alert email that offers each recipient a tailored set of results in a standardized template.

Hundreds of thousands of customers rely on their new candidate notification emails to help them hire and grow their businesses. Millions of job seekers rely on their job alert emails to help find their dream job.

Email is a core part of the ZipRecruiter business. We look at how our users engage with a credit card failure transactional email with a completely different mindset than we would a marketing campaign.

Matt Plummer
Vice President of Product, ZipRecruiter

Email Is the Linchpin of Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is one of the key elements that contribute to a business’ success. A highly engaged customer often proves loyal and buys more.

Email?has emerged as the central location where consumers receive all of the important updates in their life: bank notifications, Facebook updates, work communications, messages with loved ones, flight confirmations, and so forth. However, consumers are becoming more and more picky about what hits their inbox.?

At ZipRecruiter,?“Because of the range of emails we’re sending, we’re using different metrics to measure each of them,” Plummer notes.?Naturally, we keep the top level engagement metrics at the forefront of our analyses, but our email decisions are driven by many other factors, too—revenue, deliverability impact, market research, and so forth.”

He adds: “The bottom line at ZipRecruiter is simple: We want to match great job seekers with great jobs, and email plays a pivotal role in that.”

We recently went through a period of rapid growth and we were sending a higher volume of email than ever before. It was important to us to have visibility and insight into our list management practices. SparkPost’s expertise was key in helping us identify better email habits and improving our send efficiency. With SparkPost's Signals, you don't need a team of deliverability experts to inform your decision making - it's all right there in the app interface. Armed with the insights and tools to optimize we were able to reduce email send by 50% and dramatically increase engagement.”

John Montgomery
Sr. Manager of Product, ZipRecruiter

Make Email Your Advantage

More About SparkPost

Security and Privacy

Privacy and security are paramount in all we do. We integrate data protection into the design and implementation of all of our products.

SparkPost Signals

Predictive email deliverability analytics and health score monitoring, so you don’t have to worry.